Kitchen & Duct Cleaning

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Duct Cleaning – TR19

Clean Loyal Solutions provides complete duct cleaning services throughout the UK, in accordance with the requirements of TR/19, the leading guidance document issued by BESA.

Deep kitchen cleaning helps businesses to increase the life of their facilities and maintain high hygiene standards necessary to stay safe and compliant.

It’s vital for all businesses to maintain clean kitchen duct systems so grease doesn’t accumulate and pose fire and hygiene risks, so increase the life of your ducts, filters and fans with our professional service.

If your extract system has not been cleaned and there is evidence of grease deposits within the system, you will be failing to comply with the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995.

With a Duty of Care to operate safely and cleanly, businesses must ensure that kitchen extraction systems are cared for properly and on a regular basis. This necessity applies to any place that fries food, including fast food businesses, restaurants, cafes, pubs and kitchens of hotels, nursing homes, schools and more.



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Kitchen & Duct cleaning services throughout the UK 

A build-up of grease is a hidden combustion load which can be ignited by the flammable vapour given off during cooking. The older the grease is, the higher the risk. Due to the speed of which it can spread, a small kitchen fire can grow to cause major building damage.

Taking steps to ensure ducts, grease traps and other areas are cleaned regularly acts as a safety net for your business and validation for fire insurance. We provide due diligence paperwork and a certificate to prove your adherence to TR19 and British Standards, meaning your business stays safe and compliant with ease.

Why hire kitchen canopy cleaners?

Kitchen canopy cleaning is essential to remove all carbon, grease and fatty deposits which can build up over time. Carrying this out properly reduces the risk of fire, plus it also improves airflow and ventilation in the kitchen.

Not all commercial cleaning services include canopy cleaning, and in fact this is a commonly overlooked area. However, due to the high risks posed to health and safety we view this as a priority at Clean Loyal Solutions.

Our canopy services include a full deep clean to the canopy and plenum chamber. Our specialist team are fully trained and qualified to carry out their work in line with the high standards we set for ourselves, and according to the BESA TR/19 Guide to Good Practice. That’s how you can be safe in the knowledge that our kitchen canopy cleaners will thoroughly eliminate dirt and grease from your filters and extraction system.

Frequency of cleaning as recommended by BESA TR/19 7.35

We offer a complete commercial kitchen deep cleaning service

  • Structural deep cleaning

       (ceilings, walls, floors)

  • Equipment deep cleaning (cookers, fryers, bain maries, griddles, grills, refrigerators, freezers and more)

  • Worktop and storage deep cleaning (worktops, trolleys, shelving) Extraction cleaning (canopies, filters, ducting, extractor fans)

Kitchen Canopy Cleaners

We have the knowledge and skills to tackle dirty and greasy build-ups which can pose a risk of fire, create a breeding ground for bacteria and also reduce the effectiveness of your extraction system. Where necessary, we can provide new filters and other elements to get your system back in full working order. We will also produce a certificate of hygiene on completion of the work.